1pc Cable Chompers Animal Protectors Bite

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CameleonCameleonCatCatCrocodileCrocodileDogDogDuckDuckGrey SharkGrey SharkHedgehogHedgehogHippoHippoLionLionPandaPandaPigPigPolar BearPolar BearRabbitRabbitSealSealSharkSharkTigerTigerTurtleTurtle
1pc Cable Chompers Animal Protectors Bite

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Isn’t it annoying having to replace your phone charging cable every few months?  This super-cute Cable Chompers accessory slips over your phone’s charging cord to protect and decorate it with a variety of adorable animals! When plugged in, it’ll look like the animal of your choice is chomping on the side of your device, whether it’s a smartphone, a tablet, or some other device!